4SK Submersible Pump

    Technical data
    Qmax:3.5 (m 3/h)
    Capacity from 1to2(m3/h)
    Total head from 140 to 3 (m)
    Continuous service.
    Power: 1 to 2Hp (Single phase)
            1 to 2Hp (Three phase)
    Insulation class: B
    Protection grade: IP 68
    Maximum diameter:Φ93mm
    Highest temperature of liquid:35℃
    Main uses
    For 4" wells.
    Pumping clear water into: Detached houses
    -Country houses and farms-Cottages.
    Moving water in fountains.
    Rain irrigation.
    Feeding pressure systems.
    Filling and emptying tanks.
    Structure features
    Shaft, jacket and hydraulics in stainless steel.
    Brass impeller.
    Built -in non-return valve.
    Thermoplastic parts.
    Oil-cooled motor with compensating diaphragm.
    Graphite mechanical seal protected by sand proof ring.
    4SKm Series parts are non-toxic and non-polluting.
    Thanks to special construction features, both installation and
    maintenance of 4SKm Series are fast and easy.

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